Quality Infant, Toddler and 
Primary Care
SMS Infant Program
Imagine out-of-home care for your infant that you can view as positive and progressive, rather than a drawback in today’s society. We did, and we set out to achieve it. Studies have repeatedly shown a direct correlation between physical and mental development. As a result of these observations, we have created a beautiful,  spacious environment that is...Read More

Children at the toddler age are working hard at building the foundation for their character. Self-esteem, purpose, social skills, and grace and courtesies are the greater part of the toddler’s learning processes, Montessori’s ‘multi-age’ philosophy allows...Read More

Our lead teachers are either AMS (American Montessori Society) or AMI (Associates Montessori Internationale) certified 3-6 professionals, with an in-depth comprehensive understanding of the young child's needs and development...Read More
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