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Sunflower Montessori School - The Primary Classroom Environment: Art and Music

Art and music give the children an opportunity for self expression.  It is also an opportunity to present great works of music and art from our past and present. As in all areas of the classrooms, we offer the child the materials for his or her own personal experience. The child will receive different sensorial stimulations with various point of focus in which he or she can learn the art of his or her own culture as well the the art of other’s. He or she can then be provided with materials in which he or she can create unique, self-expressed, works of art.

Materials for art experience and expression are set up similar to all areas of the classroom and are available to the children through the day.

 We can tell a lot about a child through his or her art work. Emotions, interests, and struggles are often conveyed through art work. This often helps us to be tter know the child and gives us clues to exactly who the child is.

 Every human group has music as part of its culture. Music can be seen as another form of language as it is often used as a mean of communication and expression. The classrooms are equipped with several various instruments, many from cultures around the world, in which the children can be introduced to and practice the different elements of music; rhythm, tone, dynamic, timbre, and form. 

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