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Sunflower Montessori School - The Primary Classroom Environment: Geography

Geography is the study of the way humans live and the way in which a society has established a way of life in order to sustain life. It is the study of the cultures that have developed in different parts of the world and the specific features of the earth. The children learn to recognize that we all belong to the family of “people” and thus develop a sense of respect and understanding of other cultures.

The geography work has two parts; political geography and physical geography. For political geography the child will look at the divisions of the world that have been made by humans. For Physical geography, the child is given the basic forms of landmasses through pictures, models and books. Additionally, the children learn about different climate zones and how they affect the people who live in them.

The geography work is open-ended. It is done to teach the child about the society in which he lives and about different societies around the world.  We want the child to realize that he is not only a member of his society but a member of a greater “world” society.

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