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Sunflower Montessori School - The Primary Classroom Environment: Language

To help the child in his development of language, the Montessori classroom is designed to help the child reach the 3rd period of consciousness. Because the learning of language is not done through subjects as in a normal classroom, the child is learning at his own rhythm. This allows the child to concentrate on the learning of each step in language so that each is done easily and without any thought. The materials also play an important role in aiding the child to develop the powers of communication and expression, organization and classification, and the development of thought. As the child leaves the Montessori classroom, usually after the age of six, he will be able to communicate his feelings in well-formed sentences and as well as in writing. He will have the ability to write in different styles and about a variety of subjects. The child will have total reading and a sense of the home language at a level where he will be the master of his words.

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