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Sunflower Montessori School - The Toddler Classroom Environment: Introduction

Between the age of 15 and 18 months, toddlers begin to develop a new awareness of themselves as separate, unique beings. During this time, they are observed for their readiness to move into the toddler environment.  This is a wondrous, but often frustrating time of life because they have an understanding of their actions and words, but are not yet able to just do whatever they would like. Aggression, such as pushing, hitting, and biting is somewhat common but it is typically outgrown as the toddler matures and gains speech as well as other techniques for conflict resolution and coping. In the toddler program we use words that acknowledge this frustration rather than judge the child or the behavior. Because they do not yet have the self-control to “obey” and do whatever is expected of them at all times, the adults, instead of disciplining, supervise and offer constructive, alternative, activities that allow for the child to express himself in a more productive manner.

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