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Sunflower Montessori School - The Toddler Classroom Environment: Practical Life

Once the toddler is walking, around 10-12 months, his hands are free to explore more of the work materials. They have a new found interest in accomplishing things with their hands and work intently on figuring things out for themselves. They imitate what they see adults doing even more so than in infancy because they have a burning desire to gain independence. The child is interested in dressing and undressing himself and in performing such tasks as brushing their own hair and cleaning up the room. This is the time when the child strongly asserts his independence as he is discovering that he is a separate person from the adults in his life. The setup of the toddler classroom, and the staff within it, allow toddlers to have independence to explore and to make choices within a safe environment. It is important to give freedom (within the security of limits of course) in a loving and trusting environment in order to build strong foundations for relationships. At this time adults need to step back and allow them to do things for themselves in order for the child to gain confidence which fuels further exploration and learning.

Practical Life activities for toddlers include activities such as table washing, hand washing, dish washing, sweeping, mopping or any other activity in which the child has a sense of accomplishment and purpose.

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