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Sunflower Montessori School - The Toddler Classroom Environment: Toilet Training

The young child’s muscle control develops from head to toe, and the sphincter control of the bladder and bowels happens right around 10 to 12 months old. This is an important time to begin introducing the toilet. Never forcing a child to use the toilet, but rather gentling offering and encouraging for him to “try” leads to early toilet learning. A child can actually be out of diapers by 18 months on the average and definitely by 24 months. However, consistency and routine between home and school are essential in the development of this process.  We always change the children’s pull-ups in a standing position in the bathroom. This is a more natural way to encourage the independence of toilet learning by disposing of waste in the toilet, from the pull-up, and standing up to wipe. And it also has the convenience of offering the child to “try” on the toilet before leaving the bathroom. As soon as a child is showing signs of toileting you will be asked by the lead teacher to bring in several pairs of cloth underwear and plastic over-pants to assist in the “awareness” aspect of the process. 

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Toilet Training
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